Student Life

FAITH Colleges has established programs to develop your mental, physical, and social skills.

Our commitment is to produce well-balanced individuals who will excel in all areas.

Athletics Program

FAITH Colleges has a strong and comprehensive athletics program. We offer full scholarships for students athletes as well as mentoring assistance to help balance sports activities (practices and competitions) with academic requirements.


The FAITH BRAVEHEARTS varsity teams compete in various athletic competitions such as the United Collegiate Championship league (UCCL) and the National Collegiate Athletic Association-South (NCAA-South). FAITH Colleges hosted the NCAA-South Season 12 in 2010 and Season 18 in 2017. FAITH Colleges is also home to the Luzon-Metro Manila Qualifying  Games of the Philippine Collegiate Champions League (PCCL). Recently, FAITH Colleges has ventured into esports, bringing international glory to the country when Team Bravehearts became the first academe-based esports team to enter and win in the ASEAN arena for competitive mobile gaming.

Mentoring Program

To provide guidance as you face the challenges of college life, FAITH Colleges has an active mentoring program where faculty members act as mentors to check your academic performance as well as adjustment to college life.

Career Service

The mission of the Alumni and Linkages Services (ALS) is to act as the link between the students, alumni, and employers seeking to fill their human resource pool.


The ALS offers a variety of services designed to assist the FAITH Colleges students and alumni in  exploring careers, preparing for job search, and applying for professional employment. The following services are available to all students and alumni of FAITH Colleges: Referral services, on-campus job fairs, career advising, and job search assistance.

Soar High and Aim for the Stars!

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