FAITH Colleges

FAITH Colleges

FAITH Colleges produces globally competitive professionals who are capable of sustaining, innovating, and improving quality of life that leads to society transformation.

Our Vision

Transforming Ourselves,

Transforming our World:

We are an academic community with a strong passion for excellence in education

Core Values


The attitude of trying to do one’s best all the time, to be the best that one can be; the eternal quest for perfection and self-improvement.


Complete dedication to one’s values and ideals, job and responsibilities, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.


Respect for others, regardless of personal circumstance and extending help and service to others with sincerity, love and respect.

What We Offer

School of Technology


Consistency. Strength. Integrity.


FAITH Colleges offers competitive engineering and technical education. Each program are designed to prepare each student to fare well globally with FAITH’s global outlook and strong ICT skills content.

School of Humanities


Competence. Commitment. Compassion.


FAITH COLLEGES’ desire to offer education with a human face finds its highest expression in the School of Humanities. Espousing the Institution’s core values of competence, commitment, and compassion, the School aims to be the center of excellence and innovation in the fields of Arts, Sciences, Education, and Nursing.

School of Management


Discipline. Responsibility. Leadership.


The FAITH School of Management provides a strong foundation and comprehensive understanding of business, accounting and hospitality industry principles and practices. These are necessary whether you would like to start or manage your own business or seek employment as accountants, business executives, tourism and hospitality professionals, or managers.

School of Graduate Studies

The Colleges School of Graduate Studies embraces Value Creation as the foundation of business and information technology. We believe that the primary aim of any business is to create and deliver value in the most efficient way. Thus, our MBA and MIT Programs seek to develop managers and leaders who are capacitated and equipped in creating values.


Our Facilities

Enroll at FAITH Colleges and have an exclusive privilege to enjoy high-caliber school facilities and amenities that awaits you.

World–Class Facilities

Complete and fully air-conditioned laboratories

Five-Hectare Campus

Sprawling 5-hectare campus

Soar High and Aim for the Stars!

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