FAITH School of Graduate Studies



The FAITH Colleges School of Graduate Studies embraces Value Creation as the foundation of business and information technology. We believe that the primary aim of any business is to create and deliver value in the most efficient way. Thus, our MBA and MIT Programs seek to develop managers and leaders who are capacitated and equipped in creating values.

Master in Business


Non-thesis Program

Foundation Course for Non-Business Graduates

Fundamentals of Accounting and Finance (1.5)

Organization and Management (1.5)

Business Economics (1.5)

Technical Writing (1.5)

Prerequisite Courses (9)

Research Methodology in Business (3)

Statistics in Business (3)

Philippine Business Environment (3)

Major Courses (21)

Data Mining and Business Analytics (3)

Financial Management (3)

Economic Theories and Policies (3)

Marketing Management (3)

Operations/Production Management (3)

Human Resource Management (3)

Managing Concepts for Information Technology (3)

Elective Courses/Cognates (2 only; total of 6)

Financial Analysis for Decision Making


Human Behavior in Organization

Good Governance and Corporate Social Responsibility

Financial Technology

Integrating Courses (12)

Strategic Management (6)

Advanced Business Planning(6)

Total Units (48)

Master in Information


with Specialization in Systems Development

Core Courses

Advanced Platform Technologies (3)

Advanced Database Systems (3)

Advanced Systems Design and Implementation (3)

Advanced Information Technology Project Management (3)

IT Specialization Courses

Web Application Systems Development (3)

Mobile Application Systems Development (3)

Enterprise-Wide Systems Development (3)

Internet of Things and Embedded Systems (3)

Information Security Management Principles (3)

Current Trends and Issues in Information Technology (3)

Human-Centered Design Thinking (3)

Capstone Project (6)

Total Units (39)


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