Welcome to ASTRA, FAITH Colleges’
Online Enrolment system!

ASTRA is fairly easy to use. It is quick and convenient, allowing you to complete your transactions from the safety and comforts of your home, or from wherever you are. With your internet connection and PC, laptop, or mobile device, you are ready to go.


1. On your PC, laptop, or mobile phone, open your web browser then go to https://astra.firstasia.edu.ph/online-enrollment-dashboard

2. Select the Department you wish to enroll.

  • FAITH Catholic School – Kinder, Grade School Junior High School and FAITH Catholic School Senior High School (ABM, HUMSS and STEM)
  • Fidelis Senior High School (ABM, HUMSS, STEM, TVL-HE, TVL-ICT, ARTSDES, SPORTS)

3. Fill-up the application form. Please ensure that all the information is complete and correct. The contact information will be used to complete the enrollment process.

4. Once you submit the application, we will process it and send an email after the verification.

Please take note of your student number.

5. Submit entrance credentials personally to the school or via courier:


2 President Laurel Highway Darasa Tanauan City, Batangas

6. Proceed to https://astra.firstasia.edu.ph/permit-to-enroll page and enter the Student Number provided in the email.

7. Once your Permit to Enroll has been verified, you will again receive an email with your username and default password to login at https://astra.firstasia.edu.ph/ site.

8. On your PC, laptop, or mobile phone, open your web browser then go to https://astra.firstasia.edu.ph.
Enter your ASTRA username and password then click the Sign In button.

9. You are required to change the password upon first login.

10. Click on the Procedure to Enroll link to view how to proceed with the enrollment process.

11. Click Intent to Enroll on your dashboard.

Fidelis Senior High Schoolhttps://forms.gle/7xVsPpU9B4zcYwcG9

12. Click on the image of the student you want to enroll

13. Verify the information of the student then click the Create Registration button. Click the message link to report any error regarding the information of your child (IF APPLICABLE)

14. Clicking the Create Registration button for the first time will ask you to provide an email address and your contact number. This will help us to easily reach you in case an error arises.

15. Please select Mode of Payment. You can toggle between different payment modes to see the difference in the computation of the fees.

16. On the bottom of the page click on Save Assessment button. Clicking Save Assessment automatically sends the assessment of fees to the Finance Office for verification.

17. You can see the STATUS of your assessment on the top of the assessment page once successfully saved.

18. You can check the status of your child’s enrollment in the dashboard by clicking the Intent to Enroll link.

19. You will receive an email once your assessment has been verified.

20. Go to dashboard, Click Intent to Enroll to continue the process. Click the image to redirect you to the Verified Assessment Page.

21. You will find the FAITH Bank Account details/Payment gateways on the left of the verified assessment form.

22. Click the Upload Bank Deposit Transaction Slip button. A new window should pop up.

23. Enter information in the required fields: Bank Deposit Reference Number and Deposited Total Amount. Upload a screenshot/picture/scanned image of your bank deposit slip. You may amount send us a message (optional) before clicking the Send Deposit Slip button to send and save

24. The system will start processing your payment once the uploaded bank transaction slip has been verified. If payment has been processed, your Enrollment Progress will show 100%. This means that your enrollment is successful.

25. Proceed to your dashboard to process your ID. Click Update ID Card.
  • Upload the ID picture and signature following the requirement. File type must be in JPG, JPEG or PNG format
  • ID picture and signature must be updated before you can view/print your Certificate of Matriculation.

26. To view the copy of your Certificate of Matriculation, go to the dashboard and click on the orange COM box. Select the student and click on the View button.