The School of Technology

The College of Engineering

The College of Engineering provides learners with the skills and foundations for careers and advancement in engineering, technology, and related fields. It offers innovative and market-appropriate programs and curricula designed to prepare the students for the demands of the Engineering profession.

B.S. Electronics Engineering (BSECE)

The FAITH Bachelor of Science in Electronics Engineering program prepares students for a professional career in the fields of academe, semiconductors, industrial and power electronics, instrumentation, mechatronics and intelligent systems. Both hardware and software theories and applications are emphasized throughout the course of the study. Recent trends in the said field are also incorporated in the program. Read more...

B.S. Computer Engineering (BSCpE)

The FAITH Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering program focuses on training its students in analyzing and designing all hardware, software and operating systems necessary in the operation of a computer system. Students under this program specialize in intelligent systems, signal processing, software development, embedded systems. The program prepares its graduates to the application of engineering principles and methodologies in the analysis, design, implementation, management of hardware and software and the integration of both. Read more...

B.S. Industrial Engineering (BSIE)

The FAITH Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering program empowers its graduates to become engineering professionals competent in the area of production systems, operations research, ergonomics and total product design. It involves an in depth as well as holistic knowledge of the different engineering processes involved in industrial production systems and their interrelationships with the management operations that run the enterprise. Read more...


Rapid advances in computer and digital technology and the growth of e-commerce have spawned new industries and business that require highly-skilled computer applications and information technology professionals. As the need for IT professionals escalates, so does the value of earning a degree in computer science and information technology. The programs under the College of Information and Communication Technology are designed to provide the student with a comprehensive academic foundation balanced with relevant, hands-on experience through a well-thought out on-the-job training program, exposure trips, and seminars.

B.S. Computer Science (BSCS)

The FAITH Bachelor of Science in Computer Science program deals with the study of the computer in all its forms and applications, including both hardware and software. Computer Science delves into the theory and underlying principles of computing, with a considerable amount of mathematics used in application areas such as software engineering, game design and programming, database design and development, and artificial intelligence. Read more...

B.S. InformationTechnology (BSIT)

The FAITH Bachelor of Science in Information Technology provides innovative, timely, cost-effective, and accessible technology in computing, media, and telecommunications to help organizations effectively deliver needed services to the community. It covers basic principles of art, design, and multimedia. BSIT offers specializations in computer networking, web development, computer graphics design, media production, and animation and multimedia. Read more...


BS Criminology

BS Industrial Security Management

The College of Public Safety addresses the increasing need for security professionals here and abroad. The programs under the College provide the students with the basic knowledge of concepts and methodologies used in criminal investigation to prevent and suppress crime and manage industrial and governmental security systems. The College prepares students for careers in scientific crime detection, law enforcement administration, criminal justice system administration, correction and jail management, and security and safety management.