Pre-school is a very important stage in your child's life. It is when they begin to discover new things and interact socially with other people. It is also the time to prepare them for the challenges of higher level education.

Faith Total Child Prep School offers the best in pre-school education. Our curriculum is carefully planned to address the needs and recognize the abilities of each child as a growing individual. Aware that each child is unique, our highly-competent faculty members are trained so they can help each child reach his/her full potential. The school regularly conducts special activities and programs to make learning a fun and memorable experience.

Faith Total Child Prep School is located at a safe environment conductive to learning. We have modern facilities with full internet access to expose your child to the wonders of technology even at an early age.



Transforming ourselves,
Transforming our world:

We are an academic community with a strong passion for excellence in education.

Faith Total Child Prep School community is engaged in forming young minds and hearts towards lifelong learning guided by &e core values of Competence, Commitment and Compassion.



Faith Total Child Prep School commits to build character and competence one student at a time by linking faith and life through the integration of technology and humanities.


1. Offer an excellent student development program for 21st century skills through a Catholic education with Christ at the center and with Mary, Mother of the Faithful as inspiration;

2. Provide rich learning experiences through caring Catholic teachers who utilize 21st century teachiwkrethods;

3. Build a technology-enabled environment in support of leanrers' varied needs and abilities;

4. Grow partnerships with families and the community.



  • Pre-K
    3 years old by August
  • Kinder
    4 years old by August
  • Kinder 2
    5 years old by August


  • Pre-school learning center customized for very young kids
  • Highly-competent faculty
  • Reading and learning skills development program
  • Computer training for pre-school pupils
  • Linkage with grade school department to prepare your child for the "big" school
  • A campus set in safe environment conductive to learning
  • Fully-airconditioned classrooms
  • Full supervision and monitoring. Our classrooms are equipped with close-circuit television cameras so you can monitor your child's progress in class while you are at home or at work

Prepare your kids for the world! Enroll them at Faith Total Child Prep School

Faith Total Child Prep School is under the management and supervision of First Asia Institute of Technology and Humanities.