K-to-12 education with a strong Catholic foundation

The FAITH Catholic School ensures your child’s success by providing a holistic approach to education that is focused on values-building, character formation, and real-world connections to give your child an excellent, well-balanced learning experience.

Founded on a strong Catholic education, our learner-centered and technology-enabled development programs for basic education embrace the following:

•Christian Living Education
•Global Awareness, for developing a consciousness for world issues, events, and happenings
•Reading, for communication and comprehension skills
•Math Enhancement, for logical, critical, and analytical skills e-Learning integration
•Information and Communications Technology, for computing literacy
•Robotics, for creativity and problem-solving skills

Our Vision

Transforming ourselves,
Transforming our world:

We are an academic community with a strong passion for excellence in education.

The FAITH Catholic School community is engaged in forming young minds and hearts towards lifelong learning guided by the core values of Competence, Commitment and Compassion.

Our Mission

The FAITH Catholic School commits to build character and competence one student at a time by linking faith and life tlrough the integration of technology and humanities.

Our Goals

The FCS aims to:

1. Offer an excellent student development program for 2lst century skills through a Catholic education with Christ at the center and with Mary, Mother of the Faithful as inspiration;

2. Provide rich learning experiences through caring Catholic teachers who utilize 2lst century teaching methods;

3. Build a technology-enabled environment in support of learners' varied needs and abilities;

4. Grow partnerships with families, alumni and the community.

Our School

On the 6th of August 2007, the FAITH Catholic School received its recognition as a third degree Catholic School. On the same day, the school’s Mater Fidelium Chapel was formally blessed.

The FAITH Catholic School is an active member of the Lipa Diocese Catholic Schools Association (LIDICSA) and of the Catholic Educational Association of the Philippines (CEAP).

K-to-12 Ready

Today, the FAITH Catholic School provides K-to-12 education with a strong Catholic foundation.

FAITH is the first and only private school in Region IV-A to be granted the permit by the Department of Education to offer all tracks of Senior High School.

The FAITH Catholic School


The ICT Academic Program for the FAITH Catholic School is geared towards teaching students not only to learn to use the computer but more importantly, to use the computer to learn. From Nursery to grade four, ICT classes provide support to and reinforcement of English, Math, and Science concepts and skills.

Students of First Asia Institute likewise enjoy advanced computer education. For instance, grade six pupils are trained to master MS Windows, MS Office, and Internet-based applications. Web development through HTML and Dreamweaver is the focus of the ICT Program for Grade 7 students while those in the Grade 8 are trained in Java Programming.

With the objective of developing our students' creativity and problem-solving skills the fun way, FAITH has made Robotics a part of its K-to-12 curriculum. At a very young age, the students of FAITH learn how to build and program robots. This enhances their analytical and mathematical skills. The more exciting part is, the students have lots of fun in their robotics class. The students enjoy while they learn. Truly, in FAITH, "School is fun!"

The FAITH Catholic School launched the DEAR (Drop Everything and Read) campaign, a program that aims to develop the students' interest in reading. International diagnostic reading tests are given at the beginning of every school year to measure the vocabulary and comprehension of all students and faculty. Intervention programs are designed to enhance the reading skills.

Recognizing the importance of English as a universal language, the Institute is giving emphasis on the students' English communication skills. Students are required to speak and write in English in all subjects whenever applicable.

The Math Enhancement Program of the FAITH Catholic School is designed to increase the level of competence of FAITH high school students in Math as well as their appreciation of its role in their daily lives.

Added features of the program are the following:

1. Opportunity sessions - these sessions are designed to help poor performers to develop mathematical proficiency. These are also developed to meet the needs of students who require extra support in math.
2. Review sessions
3. MTG Training - Mathematical Challenge for Filipino Kids Training Program (MCFKTP).
4. MTAP Saturday Training for regular and mathematically talented students.


• Campus Ministry
• Boy Scout
• Girl Scout
• Kab Scout
• Star Scout
• School Choir
• Kids Food and Crafts Club
• Young Athletes Club
• Young Writers Guild
• Book Club
• Bytes Club
• Visual Arts
• Theater Arts
• Global Awareness
• Young Investigators Club (Science Club)
• AMO LA Matematika (Math Club)
• The Port (Campus Paper)
• Sports Club
• Brain Wars Club (Chess Club)
• Volleyball
• Basketball
• Badminton
• Track and Field
• Soccer
• Environment Club
• FACIL (First Asia Computer Instruction League)
• Central Board of Students (CBS) - Student Council